Lundis de l’INED

From late September to early July, INED organizes a weekly seminar. Researchers from the Institute or outside guests present their work which is discussed by a peer. This seminar is the occasion for multidisciplinary scientific exchanges around a variety of population issues.

The seminar takes place every Monday from 11:30 to 12:30 at INED, salle Sauvy. A welcome coffee is offered at 11:15.

The seminar is open to the public, without prior registration. Depending on the speakers, the language may be French or English.

The weekly seminars consist in presentations of different kinds. Each research unit is in charge of one seminar per year. Seven times a year, a young researcher, PhD or postdoctoral student presents his or her research. Three times a year, the seminar is organized by the surveys department and devoted to a specific survey. Twice a year, it is organized by the publications department and devoted to a recently book recently published by the Ined editions. Once a year it is organized by the statistical methods department and devoted to current issues in this area. One seminar is organized by the IUSSP, and one by the Population journal. Other seminars, called Démodynamique, are organized on request or proposal.

Coordination: Ognjen Obućina and Milan Bouchet-Valat
Secretariat: Neyssa Traoré
Contact: coord-lundis @
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