INED’s charter for open science

When INED’s Scientific Council adopted the Institute’s proposed Charter for Open Science in 2022, it formalized a longstanding commitment in favor of sharing INED data and publications based on INED research. The Charter encourages INED researchers to further their involvement in and dedication to the open science movement by 

  • Broadening access to INED Publishing publications,
  • practicing organized, controlled diffusion of survey data and demographic and contextual databases,
  • offering multiple incentives to sharing scientific material. 

Implementing open science policy

Every year, INED devotes part of its annual report to its open science activities, including information on funding for researcher publications, publications on open access, available data, publishing activities, and training and communication activities. 

The “Science Ouverte” Mission or MISO ensures the diffusion of scientific and technical information (IST) on all open science subjects.