Incoming mobility

Hosting of foreign researchers and doctoral students

A research center with an international reputation for excellence, INED also regularly hosts researchers and doctoral students from abroad. Every permanent INED researcher may invite one or more foreign researchers or doctoral students to INED for stays of 15 days to 3 months. Twice a year, hosting campaigns are organized for stays from January to December of the following year. 

INED’s Office of International Relations and Partnerships does all in its power to pay the international travel costs of researchers from “low-income” countries and doctoral students. It also has a financial aid package (amount determined by length of stay) to help researchers and students cover the cost of temporary housing in Paris. Researchers without bank accounts can arrange with Campus France to have the aid delivered to them on their arrival in France. 

This hosting programme for foreign researchers is organised on the basis of invitations from INED researchers to their colleagues. The visits financed by the International Relations Department have two purposes :

  • to support the scientific activities of the institution’s researchers
  • the support for INED’s institutional objectives in terms of international relations, i.e. support for framework partnerships established between INED and foreign institutions. 

Through these visits, the aim is to support the development of research projects and their implementation by hosting foreign colleagues participating in joint projects, to enhance the use of INED data or activities, to host qualified scientists or young researchers in order to forge lasting links with our institute, to enable new subjects/projects to emerge or to organise training for foreign colleagues.

Campus France

Campus France is a French institution in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers in France.

Campus France supports INED in its efforts to take care of foreign researchers who do not have a bank account by paying grants. Researchers and doctoral students invited to INED can also benefit from the Campus France insurance scheme.