The world population
Population growth rate : Poland 81.4 / 1,000 people
Population growth rate : France 2.1 / 1,000 people

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First COVID-19 wave in France: much higher excess mortality in immigrant groups

In the country’s Grand Est and Île-de-France regions, those hardest hit by the pandemic, mortality rates for people age 40 to 69 were 8 to 9 times higher among sub-Saharan African immigrants than in the French-born population.

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Births: From procreation to the first months of life

December 7: A study day on birth organized by the RePPaMa [Network for multidisciplinary study of fatherhood and motherhood]. The day will be divided into three sessions: "Projeter la naissance" [Imagining and planning the birth], "Droit à la naissance," [The right to birth], and "(Ré)essentialiser les maternités" [Making motherhood essential (again)].

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Quiz - Are you a demographer?

Try our quizzes to test your knowledge of the population. "Are you a demographer?" has three levels - easy, intermediate and difficult - each with 10 general knowledge questions