The world population
Population growth rate : Argentina 9.1 / 1,000 people
Average number of children per woman : France 1.84


Being a father to one’s children while in prison

Marine Quennehen, a post-doctoral fellow at INED, has studied the ties that develop between fathers and children in prison visiting rooms (parloirs) in France. Study of interviews with 70 inmates leads to the following two findings: 1) inmates find it hard to feel they are fathers in the visiting room, to take on and inhabit the parental, paternal role; 2) that same space is important in helping them (re)assert that role.

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Migration and family arrangements

Researchers studying the family situations of African migrants as part of the MAFE project (Migration between Africa and Europe) have found that 23% of Ghanaian migrants who were already married when they came to Europe had not reunified with their partner 10 years after their arrival. That figure rises to 39% for Congolese migrants and as high as 70% for migrants from Senegal.

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The world population

Why is the world population increasing so fast? And what will happen in the future?