The world population
Total population : Thailand 69,950,900
Population growth rate : France 2.4 / 1,000 people


Residential t of young adults in France who, as minors, were charges of the Aide Sociale à l’Enfance (ASE) social service

As soon as young people placed in foster homes or institutions by the ASE come of age, they have to take care of themselves. Drawing on data from the ELAP survey (Longitudinal study on young people’s access to autonomy after leaving foster homes or institutions) and semi-directive interviews, INED researcher Pascale Dietrich-Ragon explores the residential arrangements and experiences of these young adults once they leave the ASE system.

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Population Association of America (PAA) annual conference

The 2021 Population Association of America conference runs from May 5-8. Nearly 40 INED researchers will be taking part and discussing a range of different demography topics.

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Life Expectancy

Lets explain how to determine wat the future holds