Open access to INED Edition

See INED’s Charter for Open Science for further details on its commitments in this area. 

Généralisation du libre accès pour les publications en ligne

Intellectual property rights in compliance with open science principles and guidelines:

  • INED Publishing uses the “diamond open access model”: immediate open access with no submission or publication fees for authors or their institutions
  • INED has a flexible diffusion policy allowing Population authors to diffuse their texts through open archives.

Reaching a wider public

  • INED Publishing is committed to improving access to its digital content for visually impaired and hearing-impaired audiences. 
  • INED promotes multilingualism in its publications.

Making full use of digital resources in publications

  • In the interests of analysis reproducibility and transparency, INED Publishing’s data policy encourages authors to provide access to the sources, data, and codes on which their published work is based.
  • INED is currently testing new forms of publishing that combine contents in varied formats (text, sound, video, data visualization) online so that scientific data and analyses may be shared with as large an audience as possible, on the model of “Les Mémoires europééennes du Goulag.”