Public Orders

INED’s purchasing policy is based on the quest for quality within the constraints of the relevant project budgets.
All INED purchases (supplies, services, works) are subject to competitive procurement above a threshold of €4,000 before tax, in accordance with the procurement policy presented in the text box.INED takes great care to comply with the principles of transparency and equal treatment of bidders. INED has set up its own Procurement Committee to evaluate the comparison of tenders and clarify the choices made.

To comply with the stipulations of the Government Procurement Code and to ease formalities, INED now uses an Internet portal shared by all the EPSTs for their purchasing procedures.

It concerns all purchases totalling more than €20,000 before tax.This portal provides a rapid and convenient means to view the contracts open for tender and their associated specifications. Tender documents can be retrieved and bids can be submitted on-line.