Public procurement

Given the French state’s procurement policy as defined in a memo of July 19, 2016, on applying government order no. 2016-247 on state procurement management, and pursuant to the requirement that public organizations rethink their procurement operations to achieve greater efficiency and professionalization, INED’s procurement policy (see box below) now specifies

  • the principles that will guide INED procurement;
  • procurement process organization and implicated actors’ responsibilities.

The aim is to improve the procurement function overall through renewed confidence in process actors, including suppliers. On this point, see the documents specifying INED’s procurement policy:

ethics charter on procurement

guide to choosing the most advantageous offer on economic criteria.

The policy determines procurement procedure and form in compliance with the following threshold amounts:

  • for all purchases above 4,000€ pre-tax (goods, services, works), competitive bidding is required;
  • up to 60,000€ pre-tax, INED’s general procurement conditions apply and must be followed regardless of supplier’s general sales conditions (download related document to the right);
  • for projects over and above 60,000€ pre-tax and for projects of strategic or cross-sectional interest assessed at any cost, INED’s advisory commission on procurements shall issue an opinion that will guide decisions by the representative of the adjudicating body (download related document to the right on commission composition and operation).

All procurements estimated to exceed 20,000€ pre-tax shall be published on a purchasing portal that will also enable the actors involved to consult advisory commission files, exchange securely with purchasers, or submit offers. INED will firmly encourage suppliers to adopt this procurement procedure (which operates by electronic signature) while gradually phasing out all others.