Scientific Integrity

Olivia Samuel is the scientific integrity referent for INED.

A Higher Education and Research Ministry order of 2017 calls upon public research institutions to appoint a “scientific integrity referent”, whose main missions are as follows:

--to monitor the implementation of a scientific integrity policy at the institution;

--to receive all requests for information and advise on compliance with ethics principles;

--to organize a mediation procedure in all research activity-related conflict situations brought to his/her attention;

--to hear any and all allegations of a presumed breach of scientific integrity and to investigate them directly.

The “referent” will belong to France’s National network of scientific integrity referents, organized to facilitate exchanges with the country’s other higher education and research institutions.

In addition to the above-specified main missions, Henri Leridon at INED, together with other Institute actors engaged with this issue, is in charge of setting up a scientific integrity policy for our institution and developing the related operating mode.