Data diffusion

Recherche Data Gouv, France’s national federated research data platform, has identified INED as the Reference center establishment for theme-based material. 

The DataLab is in charge of data diffusion. 

See INED’s Charter for Open Science for further details on the Institute’s commitments in this area. 

Organized, controlled data availability that protects personal data

--The DataLab has developed an online catalogue called DataIned that comprises INED respondent surveys as well as demographic and contextual databases on the population at large. 

--Data on open access: survey-related demographic and contextual databases and entirely anonymized files can be consulted and downloaded from the DataIned catalogue. 

--Microdata for research use only: to comply with personal data protection imperatives, pseudonomized individual data are diffused in accordance with controls and regulations, in collaboration with Quetelet-PROGEDO diffusion (QPD, TGIR, PROGEDO). 

Strict rules for making data available

Following recommendations from its Scientific Integrity Referent (FR], INED is the first research center to limit the “embargo” time before release of social science and humanities survey data: a maximum of 3 years after collection.

  • To ensure best data use practices, data are documented in accordance with FAIR principles: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. 


Internationalizing data diffusion

  • To encourage data reuse by non-French-language researchers, INED is committed to translating catalogue metadata into English.
  • DataIned databases are referenced in the catalogue of the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA).