Violence and gender relations

Violence involving gender relations is a core societal issue and receives a great deal of media coverage. The aim of research on this type of violence is to enhance, update, and renew our knowledge so as to bolster existing public policies and meet the need for new ones. Anticipating situations of violence and frameworks that facilitate it is crucial to combating it successfully and assisting and accompanying victims of it.

Fifteen years after the National survey on violence against women in France (ENVEFF), INED’s VIRAGE survey, conducted in 2015 with a sample of over 27,000 men and women living in ordinary households in metropolitan France is renewing our knowledge of violence against women and documenting violence against men for the first time. How frequently and in what spaces is such violence perpetrated? Are men and women confronted with it in the same way? Are the material and psychological impacts of it similar for the two sexes?

INED has a body of accessible resources that enhance and update our knowledge of violence of this kind, the contexts it arises in, and its impacts.

INED Editions

Prepublication of 2 chapters from the forthcoming book on the Virage survey [FR]

Chapitre 5 : Parcours conjugaux, violence conjugale et rapports de genre, November 2019

Chapitre 7 : Violences au travail, un risque systémique, November 2019

Population and Societies Journal

Young women in large cities are the main victims of violence in public spacePopulation and Societies n° 550, December 2017

Female genital mutilation around the worldPopulation and Societies n° 543, April 2017

Rape and sexual assaults in France:first VIRAGE resultsPopulation and Societies n° 538, November 2016

Violence against women : the first French national surveyPopulation and Societies n°364, January 2001

Population Revue

Female Genital Mutilation. Overview and Current Knowledge, Population 2016





VIRAGE, a new survey on gender violence, by Magali Mazuy, 2017

Insults between strangers in public spaces by Amandine Lebugle, 2017

Updated:February 2022

Dedicated Websites :

Virage : survey on gender violence and gender relations [FR]

Virage Dom : Virage survey in enquête Virage Overseas [FR]



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