Violence and gender relations

November 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. INED conducts surveys and data analysis on violence and gender relations as a regular part of its activities; a variety of materials on the subject are available for consultation on our website.


Sites dédiés :

Virage : enquête sur les violences et rapports de genre (2015) [FR]

Virage Dom : enquête Virage dans les Outre-mer (2018) [FR]


VIRAGE, a new survey on gender violence, by Magali Mazuy, 2017

Insults between strangers in public spaces by Amandine Lebugle, 2017

Updated:November 2020

Dedicated Websites :

Virage : survey on gender violence and gender relations [FR]

Virage Dom : Virage survey in enquête Virage Overseas [FR]


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