Ethics Committee

Given the emergence of occasionally complex ethics issues in connection with research practice and support services, INED chose in 2013 to create an independent, advisory ethics committee.

The Committee’s missions are

  • to formulate opinions on research projects or sections thereof submitted to it and that may raise ethics issues;
  • to take a position or formulate doctrine with regard to ethics-related aspects of research;
  •  to shed light on collective and individual attitudes and issue recommendations for conduct in given situations.

The Ethics Committee meets for at least two day-long sessions a year. Its annual report and opinions are public.

The Committee has a minimum of ten members and is balanced both in terms of gender—5 women and 5 men—and institutional membership: 5 INED and 5 outside members. Committee members are known for their professional or personal interest in ethics questions and are appointed intuitu personae.

Current members of the committee:


Bellis Gil
Lecoeur Sophie
Michel Bozon
Marie Claude-Valentin
Pennec Sophie
Thierry Xavier


  • Barbot Janine • CNRS
  • Bretin Hélène • Université Paris 13
  • Le Gléau Jean-Pierre • Insee
  • Mathieu Séverine, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
  • Razafindrakoto Mireille • IRD
  • Sauvain-Dugerdil Claudine, université de Genève