Board of Administration

Chair, M. Jean-Richard Cytermann


Ex officio members:

Ministerial representative for social affairs:

  • M. Jean-Marc Aubert ;
  • Mme Lucile Olier, substitute

Ministerial representative for social affairs:

  • Mme Céline Marc ;
  • Mme Valérie Ulrich, substitute

Ministerial representative for research:

  • M. Jacques Dubucs;
  • M. Damien Rousset, substitute

Ministerial representative for immigration:

  • M. Pierre-Antoine Molina;
  • M. Jean-Baptiste Herbet, substitute

Ministerial representative for higher education:

  • Mme Isabelle Kabla-Langlois;
  • M. Marc Filser, substitute
  • Director-general of the Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (INSEE, National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies)
  • M. Jean- Luc Tavernier;
  • Mme Sylvie Lagarde, substitute

Director-general for social cohesion, inter-ministerial delegate for families:

  • Mme Virginie Lasserre;
  • N... substitute

Persons appointed:

Union, professional and other association representatives of research study users:

  • Mme Valérie Lamoot ;
  • Mme Anne Lavigne ;
  • Mme Guillemette Leneveu ;
  • M. Denis Raynaud.

Experts in population and related disciplines:

  • M. Thomas Barnay ;
  • Mme Virginie De Luca Barrusse ;
  • M. Jean-François Giret

INED staff representatives:

  • Mme Isabelle Attane
  • Mme Catherine Guével
  • M. Yann Périn ;
  • M. Loïc Trabut ;
  • Mme Karine Wigdorowicz.

Participants in an advisory capacity:

  • Mme Magda Tomasini, INED Director ;
  • Mme Laura Bernardi, INED Scientific Council Chair ;
  • M. Eric Preiss, contrôleur général, SBCM MEN MESR ;
  • Mme Sonia Soares, INED Calculation Agent.

Permanent guests:

  • Mme Ariane Pailhé, INED Deputy-Director for Research ;
  • Mme Muriel Pochard, INED  General Secretary.