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Our free, easily accessed material is specially designed for secondary school teachers of history and geography, life and earth sciences, economics and social sciences, and mathematics.

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Interactive pages, animated presentations, games and videos  can be used off line (uzipp on USB key directly)


Take over the controls of a population simulator and experiment with factors affecting family size, discover your place in the world population or project yourself into the future.





All the contents of the INED website are sorted out by theme and gathered from the least to the most specialised: multimedia content, publications, research projects, research mini-sites, selected links and others.


INED’s “Focus” pages provide essential, up-to-date information on specific scientific topics. These summaries “focus” on the latest research results, recent publications, surveys in progress and new Institute resources.

The "researchers’ own words" are brief interviews of INED members or guests speak of their current work, major projects or important meetings of the scientific community.

FAQs is a list of answers to the questions most frequently asked by our website visitors.

Interpreted graphs: a different set of recent population data is presented through graphs. 


 All videos on the INED website, classified by theme  (life expectancy, fertility, world populations...).


Tables on the french and world population and access to several online databases.


Population & Societies, a four-page popular science journal published in French and English, covers every month, a different population question relating to France or other parts of the world. Downloadable from the site.

Discover the latest publications by INED researchers, list updated weekly.

Archined (INED Open Archive) and INED Editions.


Every year, INED hosts several classrooms for the Science Fair

In connection with the annual « Fête de la Science » science fair, INED invites several classes to come and discover demography by way of games or workshops tailored to the class level.

INED researchers will be available at the event to answer students’ questions on the general demography themes in their scholastic programmes.

If you are interested in bringing your class, please contact the direction de la communication.

INED’s library

INED’s library is open non stop from 9.15 am until 5pm from Monday to Friday

Online resources are also available via the library portal.

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