Interactive maps of the world population

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You can use the interactive population maps to see and understand world demographic trends.

  • View the world maps of thirty demographic indicators,
  • Watch a moving image of how the map has changed since 1950 for each indicator,
  • Select a country and use the graphs to compare its trends with those of other countries,
  • Move around on the map and view the similarities and differences between neighbouring countries,
  • Position yourself at a point on the planet and see how various indicators are distributed around this point.


Design: Gilles Pison, Hélène Mathian, Christine Plumejeaud, Jérôme Gensel, the INED web team
Production: Opixido
Statistical sources: United Nations, world population projections (
An animation created by the Institut national d'études démographiques, designed jointly by the Hypercarte group (Laboratoire Géographie-Cités of the CNRS and Universités Paris 1 and Paris 7, and Laboratoire d'informatique de Grenoble - Université Joseph Fourier).
Last update : February 09 2012