How many children have been conceived by IVF (in vitro fertilization) since the first “test-tube baby” was born in France?

Since the birth of Amandine, France’s first test-tube baby, on February 24, 1982, over 400,000 children have been conceived through in vitro fertilization in France (live births) and 8 million worldwide. 

The multiple birth phenomenon associated with IVF (twins, triplets) is no longer such a current event. Whereas in the 1990s in France, 130 babies were born for 100 deliveries resulting from IVF, today the number is 107 babies for 100 deliveries. Doctors now implant fewer embryos to limit health risks for multiple-birth children. 

In France in 2019, 3.7% of children were conceived through ART (assisted reproductive technology), including 2.9% by IVF and 0.8% by artificial insemination. In other words, on average, 1 in 27 children born in 2020 was conceived through ART.

On line:February 2022