The world population
Total population : South Africa 60,756,100
Population of 65 and over : France 14,034,000


A report by France’s general accounting office draws on ELFE study data

In the framework of a study of child health, the general accounting office [Cour des Comptes] made use of data from the French Longitudinal Study of Children or ELFE to document inequalities in children’s health.

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Symposium on longevity, aging, and the variable situations in which people age

From June 27-29, roundtable discussions, debates, and other moments of exchange to present and learn about the full range of human and social science research on longevity, aging, and the different situations in which people age.

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The world population and me

The Earth has more than 7 billion inhabitants... plus you. Find your place in the world’s population.


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