The world population
Total population : Bangladesh 172,954,000
Population of 65 and over : France 14,246,400

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What can we learn from Assurance Maladie’s massive data on contraception?

For women with low incomes and young women in France, financial cost is not the only obstacle to using contraceptives that are, in fact, reimbursed by the nation’s universal health insurance system. They may also have difficulty accessing information and doctors, or with the administrative formalities required to maintain their health insurance coverage.

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Population and climate change in Europe

As the twenty-eighth UN Conference of the Parties—COP 28—unfolds, why not read or reread our Population & Societies issue on the relationship between demographics and climate change in the EU?

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The world population

Why is the world population increasing so fast? And what will happen in the future?


Amandine Lebugle