The VIRAGE gender violence survey in France’s overseas départements and territories

Following the 2015 VIRAGE survey in metropolitan France, INED conducted another VIRAGE survey in France’s overseas départements and territories in 2018. How was it run there? Did researchers begin with particular hypotheses on acts of gender violence in those areas? INED researcher Stéphanie Condon answers these questions.

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Research day "Immigrants and minorities: measurements, perceptions, and prejudices"

Perceptions of immigrants in Europe and North America are often quite remote from objectively measured facts. The construction of opinions on immigrants and minorities is the topic of this research day, held May 23 at the Musée National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration.

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The world population and me

The Earth has more than 7 billion inhabitants... plus you. Find your place in the world’s population.


G. Pison