The world population
Infant mortality rate : Nigeria 71.9 / 1,000 births
Population of 65 and over : France 13,997,100


Kseniia Kuzina and Roman Podkur

Kseniiya Kuzina and Roman Podkur, two Ukrainian researchers currently hosted at INED, tell us about their research in France and Ukraine.

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Shared physical custody and mothers’ employment

Now chosen in more than 1 in 3 divorce procedures in Belgium, Sweden, and Norway, shared custody, where children live alternately with their father and mother, was decided in over 1 in 5 divorces or civil union dissolutions in France in 2012. This shared residential arrangement has a positive impact on mothers’ employment in the year following divorce or civil union dissolution: the employment rate of mothers with shared custody is 20 percentage points higher than for women whose children live with them full time.

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