The world population
Population density : Mexico 67.0 Inhabitants/sq kilometer
Population growth rate : France 2.4 / 1,000 people


Infertility and getting treatment for it in France

A unique study measures use of infertility treatment per year in France. One couple in four in France cannot conceive after twelve months trying. Over the last decade, women have been seeking infertility treatment at increasingly later ages: treatment for women aged 34 or over has risen 24%.

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Selectiveness for admission to a Master’s program at universities in Île-de-France

Séverine Chauvel, a researcher on leave currently working at INED, has co-authored a comparative study of Master’s program admission selection processes in Île-de-France universities. Degree of social selectiveness (related to applicant’s social characteristics) increases in moving up the higher education scale, notably from the Licence (or first-level French graduate degree) to the Master’s, and also varies by university.

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The world population

Why is the world population increasing so fast? And what will happen in the future?