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Trajectories and Origines. Survey on Population Diversity in France. Initial Findings

Collection : Documents de travail

168, 2010, 152 pages



Chapter 1: The Populations Surveyed

Chapter 2: Migration: Immigrants and Others

Chapter 3: Here and Back There: A Glimpse of "Transnational" Practices in the Population Living in Metropolitan France

Chapter 4: Diversity of Linguistic Practises

Chapter 5: Educational Levels of Immigrants and their Descendants

Chapter 6: Educational Trajectories and Experiences of Young Descendants of Immigrants in France

Chapter 7: Labour market Situation of Persons aged 18-50 by Sex and Origin

Chapter 8: Occupations of Descendants of Immigrants and their Fathers: Is Occupational Inheritance Determined by Geographical Origin?

Chapter 9: Working Hours and Wages

Chapter 10: The Experience of Migration, Self-perceived Health and Non-Use of Healthcare Service

Chapter 11: Union Formation Here and Back There

Chapter 12: Inequalities in Housing Transitions, Perceived Discrimination and Segregation

Chapter 13: Spheres of Sociability: Family Relations Versus Social Relations

Chapter 14: Civic Life and Political Participation

Chapter 15: Nationality and National Sentiment

Chapter 16: Religion

Chapter 17: Discrimination

Appendix 1: Rules for classification of the survey populations

Appendix 2: The authors

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