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  • Memo The demograpy of France’s overseas departments (DOMs)

    The demograpy of France’s overseas departments (DOMs)

    The demographic situation in France’s overseas departments (DOMs): differences with metropolitan France

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  • Graph and card

    Fertilty and infant mortality

    This graph shows the relationship between two demographic indicators : fertility and infant mortality. The values along the horizontal axis indicate the level of infant mortality in each country of sub-Saharan Africa over the period 2000-2004, i.e. The values along the vertical axis indicate the level of fertility in each country over the same period, expressed as the average number of children per woman.

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  • Memo

    Strength in Numbers

    Population, Reproduction, and Power in Eighteenth-century France

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  • Video Mesuring life expectancy [FR]

    Mesuring life expectancy [FR]

    Live long, live better? by Aline Désesquelles 2011 Duration: 8’30"

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  • Figures

    Causes of death in France from 1925 to 1999

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