The stages of the life cycle, Ageing

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  • Memo Joëlle Gaymu

    Joëlle Gaymu

    tells us about INED’s new Old age and Ageing research group [Pôle Vieillesses et Vieillissements]

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  • Memo

    Xavier Thierry

    answers our questions about the organization and results of the Elfe study

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  • Graph and card

    Pensions : three policy levers

    This graph is a calculation chart which shows the various options for balancing the French pensions system by 2020. It summarizes the range of different policies that could be implemented. To reach equilibrium, we can act upon one or more of the policy levers.

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  • Video European Fertility – Beyond the new Myths

    European Fertility – Beyond the new Myths

    Interview of Ron Lesthaeghe (Académie Royale Flamande de Belgique) November 14, 2014, at INED Duration : 6’24

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