Religions and immigration in France

Whereas secularization has been advancing in France in the last several decades and the number of Catholics—Catholicism remains the country’s most largely followed religion—continues to decrease, religion in immigrant communities serves a cultural and social function and varies in intensity by immigrant origin. Over 75% of immigrants and members of the second generation aged 18 to 50 report having a religion. Children with two immigrant parents show stronger religiosity and sharply lower rates of religious disaffection than both the majority population and children of mixed parentage.

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Women’s emancipation

Growing émancipation of women in our societies during the twentieth century


The debate on immigration in France

Immigration is often at the centre of public debate in France and gives rise to many types of arguments. INED research director François Héran reviews the different types of argumentative rhetoric used and literature on the subject, also discussing some of the immigration legislation adopted by French governments in past decades.

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