Higher education and tuition fees in France

INED researcher Léonard Moulin has answered our questions on his doctoral dissertation on the effects for higher education students of charging tuition. He has been awarded several prizes for his thesis work, including the 2017 Eicher Prize this January. Because tuition fees change conditions for accessing higher education, selection processes and education costs, they are likely to have an impact on individual trajectories. There has been little research on how these fees affect student admission and academic performance.

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Childbearing at ever later ages?

INED senior researcher France Prioux discusses parents’ ages when their children are born


Publication of the collective work "Être fille ou garçon" [Being a boy or girl]

How do differences between girls and boys get constructed during childhood and adolescence in the areas of education, health and games as well as representations? The contributors to this collective work conducted studies of extremely varied fields and subjects—school children in the greater Paris or Marseille regions, young goldmine workers in Africa, representations in school textbooks—and from several different perspectives.

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