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Quelques publications

Basellini, U., S. Kjærgaard and C.G. Camarda (2020). "An age-at-death distribution approach to forecast cohort mortality". Insurance: Mathematics and Economics , 91, 129-143.

Aburto, J.M., F. Villavicencio, U. Basellini, S. Kjærgaard and J.W. Vaupel (2020). "Dynamics of life expectancy and life span equality". Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117(10), 5250-5259.

Basellini, U. and Camarda, C.G. (2019). "Modelling and Forecasting Adult Age-at-death Distributions". Population Studies. DOI:

Basellini, U., Canudas-Romo, V., and Lenart, A. (2018). "Location–Scale Models in Demography: A Useful Re- parameterization of Mortality Models". European Journal of Population. DOI:

Basellini, U. and Camarda, C.G. (2018). "A Three- Component Lee-Carter approach to decompose and forecast human mortality". Proceedings of the 33rd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling Bristol (UK). 15-20 July, 2018. 17-22. Link: 2.pdf

Sutter, A., Barton, S., Sharma, M.D., Basellini, U., Hosken, D.J., and Archer, C.R. (2018). "Senescent declines in elite tennis players are similar across the sexes", Behavioral Ecology. Link: