Taking the population control out of family planning measurement (and measuring autonomy instead)

le Lundi 06 Décembre 2021 à À L’Ined de 11h30 à 12h30 en ligne uniquement

Présenté par : Dr Leigh Senderowicz (University of Wisconsin-Madison) ; Discutante : Mireille Le Guen (Ined et UCLouvain)


This talk will explore the ways that the ideology of fertility reduction permeates the design and evaluation of contemporary family planning projects, 25 years after the International Conference on Population and Development called for an end to population control.  I will present results from the Contraceptive Autonomy Study, a project designed to explore various dimensions of autonomy and coercion in family planning, and to develop new theories about why and how adverse experiences with contraceptive coercion manifest.  I’ll focus specially on modes of measurement, and how we can design new measures that better assess person-centered and rights-based approaches to contraceptive care.

Biogragphie de Dr Leigh Senderowicz

Leigh Senderowicz is a public health researcher and social demographer focusing on global sexual and reproductive health and rights, race, gender, and coloniality. Her mixed-methods research focuses on reproductive autonomy, exploring the ways that new approaches to measurement and evaluation can promote person-centered care, health equity and reproductive freedom. Leigh is currently as postdoctoral fellow in the Health Disparities Research Scholars program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.