Islands and Family Organization: the making of a Family survey in a Small Island State

le Mardi 03 Décembre 2019 à l’Ined, salle 531 à 13h30

Présentation de Eva Lelièvre, Célio Sierra-Paycha, Loïc Trabut

La présentation sera en français

French Polynesia comprises a large number (118) of widely scattered islands on a territory as vast as Europe with public services (education, health, transport) subject to the requirement of territorial continuity. This implies, for example, transporting those in need of medical treatment to Papeete or mainland France, moving to attend school, etc. A continuity that extends to the rest of France (mainland, New-Caledonia) and to other countries (New Zealand, Australia, etc.). Families, along the way cope with living apart, function at great distances relying on kin networks.

To describe family organization, the only available quantitative information is drawn from the census, mostly based on mainland national categories, which are not well suited to describe the social specificity of the territory.

In this context, for the first time, we designed and organize a Family survey which objective is to identify Polynesian family organization and mobility on the territory and abroad in collaboration with the local Polynesian Statistical Institute (ISPF). Data collection started in October 2019, but tests have been conducted since 2018 and the analysis of available data from the censuses are already possible.

Analysis based on census data will present the broad picture of Polynesian family structures on the islands and population mobility. We will also present the questionnaire and the first results of the survey and discuss the specificity of distant kin territorial organization.

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