The Suburbanization of Poverty and the Geography of Eviction in America

le Mardi 12 Décembre 2023 à l’Ined, salle 1.080 (1er) de 14h00 à 16h00

Présentation par : Peter Hepburn

Eviction has been studied almost exclusively as an urban phenomenon, but the growing suburbanization of poverty in the United States provides cause to analyze the prevalence and correlates of displacement beyond cities. We show that eviction is an increasingly common experience in suburbs. Though urban eviction rates exceed suburban rates in most cases, one in six metropolitan areas experience higher eviction rates in the suburbs. Key correlates of displacement influence eviction patterns differently in urban and suburban contexts, and analyses reveal large geographic and racial inequalities in suburban displacement. We explore heterogeneity in urban-suburban disparities through case studies of Milwaukee, Cleveland, Seattle, Tampa, and Miami. 

Hepburn, Peter, Renee Louis, and Matthew Desmond. 2023. “Beyond Gentrification: Housing Loss, Poverty, and the Geography of Displacement.” Social Forces. 1-34

Discutantes : Anne Lambert et Julie Fromentin, chargées de recherche à l’Ined

Biographie de Peter Hepburn :

Peter Hepburn is assistant professor of Sociology at Rutgers University-Newark and a research fellow at the Eviction Lab at Princeton University. Prof. Hepburn’s research examines how changes to work, criminal justice, and housing produce and perpetuate inequality. He uses a variety of quantitative methods and data sources to demonstrate and analyze disparities in exposure to precarious work, the criminal justice system, and housing instability. His research has been published in Social Forces, Demography, Social Service Review, and Housing Policy Debate, among other venues.

Peter Hepburn sera chercheur invité à l’UR6 de janvier 2024 à juin 2024.

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