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Violence Against Women and Ethnicity : commonalities and differences Across Europe

2011, 426 pages


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This book draws together both: theory and practice on minority/migrant women and gendered violence. The interplay of gender, ethnicity, religion, class, generation and sexuality in shaping the lives, experiences and choices of minority/migrant women affected by violence has not always been adequately theorised within much of the existing writing on violence against women. Feminist theory, especially the insights provided by the concept of intersectionality, are central to the editors’ conceptual frameworks.

Violence against women has received greater political attention across Europe since the 1990s, leading also to increased research in this area. While the responses to the issue vary in different European contexts, there are clearly some similarities reported about the forms and impacts of violence against women. Research and practice traditions on the issue also vary, depending on the level of importance and resources attached. Despite extensive research on violence against women generally, knowledge on the issues and experiences of women and children from minority/migrant groups is more fragmented and at times scant. This leaves a clear gap and no book has yet drawn together both existing research and practice on minority/migrant women and gendered violence in a theorised way. Such a book is long overdue. It has far reaching relevance as minority/migrant communities are settled in all major countries across Europe, which are all struggling with similar issues in research and practice.