Carlo-Giovanni Camarda

Senior Researcher 0033 (0)1 5606 2155 Researcher website
Secretariat : Evgeniya Samoshnikova +33 (0)1 56 06 20 24

Research field(s)

- Smoothing Methods for the Analysis of Mortality

- Exploring a general theory for the
of human ageing

- Modeling General Patterns of Digit Preference

- Statistical approaches for reconstructing
continuous series of mortality by causes of death

- Modelling and Smoothing Mortality Surfaces and
developing the related R package: MortalitySmooth

- Estimating the Reproductive Number of an
Influenza Pandemic

- Identifying the Ruptures Shaping the Segmented
Line of the Secular Trends in Maximum Life

- Explained Variation in Models for Mortality

- Analysis of social contact data and mixing
pattern relevant to the spread of infectious

- Warping Models for Lifetime Distributions

Some publications

Camarda, C. G. (2012). MortalitySmooth: an R Package to Smooth Poisson Counts with P -splines. Journal of Statistical Software. 50, 1-24.

Camarda, C. G., P. Eilers and J. Gampe (2012). Additive Decomposition of Vital Rates from Grouped Data. In Komarek, A. and Nagy, S.: Proceedings of the 27th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Prague (Czech Republic). 16-20 July, 2012. 57-62.

Barbi E. and C. G. Camarda (2011). Period and Cohort Effects on Elderly Mortality: a New Relational Model for Smoothing Mortality Surfaces. Statistica. 71, 51-70.

Oulette N., R. Bourbeau and C. G. Camarda (2011). Regional Disparities in Canadian Adult and Old-age Mortality: A Comparative Study Based on Smoothed Mortality Ratio Surfaces and Age-at-death Distributions. Canadian Studies in Population. In press.

Camarda, C. G., P. Eilers and J. Gampe (2008). Modelling General Pattern of Digit Preference Statistical Modelling 8, 385-401.

Camarda, C. G., P. Eilers and J. Gampe (2008). A Warped Failure Time Model for Human Mortality. In Eilers P.: Proceedings of the 23rd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Utrecht (The Netherlands). 7-11 July, 2008, 149-154.

Vaupel, J.W., R. Rau, C.G. Camarda and K.G. von Kistowski (2006). Can heterogeneity of populations explain differences in mortality? Chestnut Hill, MA, Center for Retirement Research working paper wp2006-10.