Arianna Caporali

Research engineer, Surveys Department
Secretariat : Valerie Laprée +33(0) 1 56 06 20 10

Research field(s)

Providing access to survey and contextual data :
- Verification of the compliance of survey data to the fieldwork questionnaire; documentation of metadata according to the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) standard, in particular in the framework of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP)
- Development, setting up and dissemination of demographic databases and of contextual databases especially in relation to survey projects
- Verification and documentation of the cross-national comparability of data
- Offer and content of survey data archives and international databases
- Online data dissemination tools
- Open data and FAIR data

Database projects : The Demography of COVID-19 Deaths Generations and Gender Programme Contextual Database Generations and Gender Surveys (GGS) Online Data and Metadata Browsing Portal The Human Multiple Births Database (HMBD)Migration between Africa and Europe Contextual Database The LawsAndFamilies Database – aspects of legal family formats for same-sex and different-sex couples European Union Family Policy Dataset (EUFamPol): Fertility-Related Family Policy Initiatives

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Arianna Caporali and Gwennaëlle Brilhault present INED’s DataLab

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Some publications

Caporali, A., Garcia, J., Couppié, E., Poniakina, S., Barbieri, M., Bonnet, F., Camarda, C. G., Cambois, E., Hourani, I., Korotkova, D., Meslé, F., Penina, O., Robine, J.-M., Sauerberg, M., et Torres, C. (2022). The demography of COVID-19 deaths database, a gateway to well-documented international data. Scientific Data, vol. 9, n°93, 2022, p. 1-9. DOI: 10.1038/s41597-022-01191-y . [LINK]

Caporali, A. (2022). Le DataLab de l'Ined. Présentation dans le cadre de la Semaine Data-SHS 2022, Strasbourg, PUD-S (France), 09/12/2022. [LINK]

Caporali, A., Sohler, K., Baron J. (2022). Rechercher et consulter des ressources en libre accès de l'Ined : l'offre du DATALAB de l'Ined et l'archive ouverte Archined. Semaine du libre accès à l'Humathèque Condorcet, Humathèque Condorcet (France), 9/11/2022. [LINK]

Pison, G., Couppié, E., et Caporali, A. (2022), The Population of the World, 2022. Population & Societies, n°603, 2022, p. 1-8. DOI: 10.3917/popsoc.603.0001 . [LINK]

Caporali, A., Couppié, E., Hourani, I., Poniakina, S., (2022). European Population Conference - EPC 2022, Groningen (Pays-Bas), 29/06-02/07/2022. [LINK]

Caporali, A., et Lenoir, J. (2022), Data documentation in the new round of the Generations and Gender Survey. CSDI (Comparative Survey Design and Implementation) Workshop 2022, Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers (France) CSDI, 04/04-05/04/2022. [LINK]

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Teaching activities, other functions, titles

- Responsible of Ined DataLab (which centralizes INED activities about providing access to surveys, aggregated and contextual databases)
- Member of the GGP “Central Coordination” team [LIEN]
- Instructor, Graduate School of Demography (École HED): “Researching and accessing social science survey and contextual data” [LIEN]
- Member of the DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) Glossary Working Group [LIEN]