Myriam Khlat

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Research field(s)

Social determinants of health, Differential mortality

Some publications

Khlat M, Jusot F, Ville, I. Social origins, early hardship and obesity : A strong association in women, but not in men. Social Science & Medicine,68(9):1692-1699,2009.

Nearkasen Chau, Khlat Myriam. The Lorhandicap group. Strong association of physical job demands with disabilities among active people: A population-based study in North-eastern France. International Archives for Occupational and Environmental Health, 82, 7 :857-866, 2009.

Le Coeur S, Khlat M, Halembokaka G. Increased HIV infection rate among violent deaths: a mortuary study in the Republic of Congo. AIDS,22(13):1675-76,2008

Khlat M, Ravaud JF, Brouard N, Chau N & the Lorhandicap group. Occupational disparities in accidents and roles of lifestyle factors and disabilities. A population-based study in north-eastern France. Public Health, 122 (8): 771-783, 2008771-783, 2008

Jusot F., Khlat M., Rochereau T., Sermet C (2006), Job loss from poor health, smoking and obesity: A national prospective study in France. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 62: 332-377, 2008

Ville I., Khlat M. Meaning, coherence of self and health : An approach based on narratives of life events. Social Science and Medicine, 64(4):1001-1014, 2007

Khlat M, Guillaume A. Les décès liés à  la grossesse : Genèse du concept et aspects méthodologiques. Revue d'Epidémiologie et de Santé Santé Publique. 54(6) :543-49, 2006 Traduit en anglais: Pregnancy-related deaths: Definition of the concept and methodological aspects. Revue d'Epidémiologie et de Santé Santé Publique. 54(6), 2006

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

Co-Editor of European Journal of Population