Institute for the study of longevity, ageing, and the different situations of older persons

Longevity, ageing and the situations of older persons are major social, health, quality-of-life and public policy issues in today’s society, issues that require a multi-disciplinary human and social sciences (HHS) approach if we are to grasp how the questions they raise are interrelated. The challenges for this field, now a major focus of HHS research, are to develop interdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue with institutional actors.

In early 2018, the Longévités et Vieillissements research cluster (GDR) became the Institut de la Longévité, des Vieillesses et du Vieillissement (ILVV). This new Groupement d’Intérêt Scientifique (GIS) brings together researchers from 9 institutions, including INED, which not only hosts but also runs it, in the person of senior INED researcher Emmanuelle Cambois. ILVV’s goals are to increase the national and international visibility of French research in this crucial field, and to assist in structuring and fitting together approaches and methods on its key themes in order to collectively advance our knowledge while firmly placing those themes at the center of public debate. To achieve these goals, ILVV has set itself the following four missions, to be put in place gradually over 2018 with and for the researchers and other actors in the field:

  • To know the field; that is, to identify all relevant French research projects and teams and to develop structuring theme-based research frameworks by means of a database;
  • To inform about developments in the field via a website and the newsletter, and by monitoring scientific meetings and activities;
  • To support and organize regional and national theme-centered conferences, train and support young researchers, and develop international collaborations;
  • To share research findings with public policymakers and social protection structures so as to bring research and public policy agenda questions closer together.

All these actions will involve interaction with the community of actors in this field and will work to develop an interdisciplinary approach that fits together with activities in other structures, opens new paths to international research, and supports young researchers.

Source: ILVV website

Contact: Emmanuelle Cambois

Online: June 2018