Reiko Hayashi

Reiko Hayashi, directrice du département de la recherche et de la coopération internationales du National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (IPSS) au Japon, nous parle du partenariat avec l'Ined.

(Interview conducted in February 2018)

What projects are you working on jointly with INED

Our relationship with INED dates back as far as 1951 when Ayanori Okazaki, then the Director-General of the Institute of Population Problems, one of the former bodies of IPSS (the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research), visited Alfred Sauvy and Roger Peltier. Since then occasional exchanges of information with different researchers have been continued.
Since 2013, the IPSS project on longevity and health headed by Dr.Futoshi Ishii, began to collaborate with the INED-run project MODICOD (Mortality Divergence and Causes of Death) and regular research exchanges have been carried out. Along with these lines, we signed the Memorandum of Cooperation in August 2016.

I myself used to be a trainee at INED in 1988-1989, for one year, where I enjoyed valuable instructions from notable INED researchers, as well as an international environment with fellow trainees from around the world.

How is this partnership integrated into activities at your institution?

IPSS is a public research institute created in 1996 by merging the Institute of Population Problems founded in 1939 and the Social Development Research Institute founded in 1965. Along with investigating trends of population and households, the Institute carries out research concerning social security policies and systems in Japan and abroad. The collaboration with INED has enhanced the scope and depth of our research and will continue to do so, considering the fact that both countries are recording longer longevity while showing differentiated trends of fertility which are causing similarity and difference.

What are the main components or phases of the partnership?

We are currently working on longevity, health and causes of death. On February 1 we, INED and IPSS co-organized a public seminar in Tokyo entitled "International Symposium on Longevity - Through a Comparison between France and Japan, the two Top Runners of Longevity".
As we are similar organizations, national research institutes specialized in population studies, there are many reasons for further collaboration in the future.