Crise des migrants : Crise migratoire ou crise européenne ? par François-Héran (Ined)

On the 18th of March, 2016, Cris Beauchemin (Ined) and Jean-Luc Primon (Unice-iPOPs) have organised a study day at INED : "Crise des migrants : décentrer le regard" 

In 2015, high numbers of persons arrived in the EU either directly or after transiting through countries battered and disorganized by wars in which EU countries and the United States are participants and stakeholders (Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan). Above and beyond the figures diffused by the press, what do we know about the magnitude of migration flows to Europe and France? What do those flows represent at the scale of the world population, the European population and the populations of member states, including France? How should we react to the classifications applied in registering, ranking and selecting migrants? And to the categories used in media and political language? What is at issue in those categories? And what might we gain by approaching today’s migration flows from a historical or wider geographic perspective? To what degree can previous migration experiences shed light on the present situation and current public debate? What kind of relations should obtain between constructed knowledge on international migrations on the one hand and state policies and actions in this area on the other? What can research offer in the way of responses to the migrant crisis and emergency situations? What kind of relations should be developed between research and humanitarian, solidarity-focused action?

Realisation : J-J Marnier and A. Bigeard/ Villa Carlotta