Living in two residences: mainly before and after working life

Population and Societies

507, January 2014

How many people share their time between more than one residence? A precise answer cannot be provided by the census, which is based on a list of dwellings and focuses on counting each person onceonly. But an accurate response to the question can be obtained via the 2011 survey of families and dwellings (Famille et logements), which was used by Christophe Imbert, Guilhem Deschamps, Éva Lelièvre and Catherine Bonvalet to count and characterize the individuals concerned.

Eleven per cent of adults living in France in 2011 live in two or more residences. The phenomenon is particularly widespread among young adults - 26% of 18-19 year olds are concerned - who live in two residences for family and educational reasons. The second home is most frequently used on weekends and holidays. Only 9% to 10% of working adults live in more than one residence. The second dwelling is mainly used for holidays and leisure, especially after age 60 (when retirement increases free time), for those with the physical health and financial resources to maintain a second home. Among French adults, having two residences is most frequent among Île-de-France retirees and students from Brittany and Auvergne.

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