Editorial policy

Les Éditions de l’INED (INED publications) was founded along with the Institute in 1945. As part of its mission to disseminate knowledge and information, INED immediately began publishing peer-reviewed journals and book series to promote the work of French and international demographers. At the center of this policy was the journal Population, created in 1945 and published in English as well as French since 2002.

INEDs’ publication series are composed of original studies in demography associated with fields of study that reflect the Institute’s multidisciplinarity and that of the demographic sphere as a whole: sociology, economics, anthropology, history, geography, epidemiology and public health, as well as social science methodology.

This diversity is visible in the selection of articles for publication and the different book series, which may be sociodemographic, historical or economic in nature and which include both collective and individual works. The Cahiers series (formerly Travaux et Documents), part of INED publications from the outset, has published such prestigious authors as Louis Henry, Alfred Sauvy, Louis Chevalier and Alain Girard and continues to publish works on current, immediate demographic issues and questions. The use of wide-ranging surveys in recent years has led INED to create a specific series called Grandes Enquêtes. Moreover, Les Éditions de l’INED consider it their special duty and prerogative to promote the methodological aspects of demographic research while encouraging young researchers to publish their studies as well. The catalogue also includes a specifically historical series centred on historical demography and history of sciences. Lastly, INED publications has a policy of co-publishing and developing partnerships with other publishing houses for the purpose of producing works for a general readership, such as the Dictionnaire de Démographie, jointly published with Armand Colin.    

The monthly bulletin Population & Societies also targets the general public.

International dissemination is ensured through the English versions of Population, Population & Societies, and, more recently, the INED Population Studies book series, launched in 2012 with Springer.


  • Director of INED Publications:  Magda Tomasini
  • Head of the Publications service: Wanda Romanowski, wanda.romanowski@ined.fr
  • Assistant: Vanessa Nouët, vanessa.nouet@ined.fr
  • Sales: Fabien Yenk, edition@ined.fr 
  • Editorial coordinator: Marie-Paule Reydet, Martine Rousso-Rossmann, Christopher Leichtnam
  • Translations coordinator : Christopher Leichtnam
  • Graphic design and layout: Nicole Berthoux, Isabelle Brianchon
  • Institutional open repository and digital archive (Archined) administrators : Karin Sohler, karin.sohler@ined.fr, Valérie Lanier 
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