Léa Cimelli

PHD Student
Secretariat : Carole Guette + (33) 1 56 06 57 36

Research field(s)

PhD thesis title : "The economic consequences of union
disruption at old age in France"

Topics of interest :
- Family economics
- Public economics
- Gendered inequalities
- Life Cycle
- Retirement
- Divorce, widowhood, break-ups
- Familial solidarity

PhD thesis's goals :
- Measuring variations in economic well-being and income
after divorce or upon entering widowhood when people are
50 years old and older in a French setting;
- Evaluating individual strategies to deal with said variations
(through the job or the marriage markets) and public
policies' impacts on it;
- Assessing collective strategies to deal with the shock of
union disruption (through family solidarity).

Research teams

Economic Demography