Léonard Moulin

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Research field(s)

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I defended my PhD in economics about the effects on
fees in french higher education in a context of
transformation of national education systems.

In addition to an extension of my previous works in
economics of education, my current research focuses,
the first hand, on issues related to social
inequalities in
school trajectories and, on the second hand, on the
determinants and the articulation of individual
trajectories (in
the areas of education, employment or affective
life). These
research involves both quantitative methods and
their joint
use with qualitative methods.

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Léonard Moulin tells us about his doctoral thesis on tuition fees

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Some publications

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Moulin Léonard, Flacher David, Harari-Kermadec Hugo. 2016. "Tuition fees and social segregation: lessons from a natural experiment at the University of Paris 9- Dauphine", Applied economics, 48 (40), p. 3861-3876.

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Flacher David, Harari-Kermadec Hugo, Moulin Léonard. 2012. "Faut-il (vraiment) augmenter les frais d'inscription à l'université ?", Revue française d'économie, 27 (3), p. 145- 183.