Lucie Wicky

PHD Student 0156062000
Secretariat : Marie-Laure Trudel 33(0) 1 56 06 22 82

Research field(s)

Qualification, declaration and denunciation of
sexual violence suffered by men

Summary: The aim of this thesis is to question the
specificity of the sexual violence suffered by
men, compared to those suffered by women, by
inscribing them in a conceptualization of gender

Keywords: Gender violence, sexual violence, age,
masculinities, sexualities, life course

Some publications

Wicky L., "Parcours d'hommes se déclarant victimes de violences sexuelles dans l'enfance", La Revue #1257 Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2020, n°2, p. 88- 91. Texte intégral disponible sur :

Teaching activities, other functions, titles


“Denunciation of sexual violence experienced
within family during childhood: effects of age and
gender norms on speaking out and its reception by
the family circle”, International conference “News
and history of incestuous violence: between
occultation and revelation ”organized by the ANR
project team “Saying, hearing, restoring
incestuous violence”(DERVI), EHESS, Paris, 2021.

"Arrangements with the condition of victim. Age,
social class and masculinity among men reporting
sexual violence ", Study day "Untangle social
relations of domination", Master's degree "Gender,
politics and sexuality", EHESS, Paris, June 2018.

"Conducting a quantitative survey of victims
seeking help from non-profit prganisations: the
Virage Victimes survey", with Lebugle A. and Mazuy
M., communication at the conference "From violence
against women to gender violence. Comments on two
French surveys organized by the Virage team (Ined)
at the 8th International Congress of Feminist
Research in Francophonie (CIRFF), Nanterre, August

Intervention in a seminar

"Age and gender of sexual violence during
childhood", seminar "Childhood as a social
category", coordinated by Delphine Merx and
Maialen Berasategui, CNRS, Paris, November 2019.

A review

"Vulca Fidolini, The production of
heteronormativity. Sexuality and masculinities of
young Moroccans in Europe ", Review for Lectures,
November 2018.

Animations and valorization of research

Co-organization of the study day “Family, power
and inequalities” of INED's unit “Gender,
sexuality and inequalities”, Paris, November 30,

Co-organization of Ined's Doctoral Day 2020, Ined,
Paris, 24 ans 25 June 2020 (online).

Co-organizer of the study day of the Master's
degree "Gender, Politics and Sexuality" : "Gender,
Sex, Sexuality. Yesterday to today", EHESS, June


Laureate of the "Valeria Solesin Memorial Prize",
Idup, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2019.
Full text available on: