Lucie Wicky

PHD Student 0156062000
Secretariat : Marie-Laure Trudel 33(0) 1 56 06 22 82

Research field(s)

Qualification, declaration and denunciation of
sexual violence suffered by men

Summary: The aim of this thesis is to question
the specificity of the sexual violence suffered
by men, compared to those suffered by women, by
inscribing them in a conceptualization of gender

Keywords: Gender violence, sexual violence, age,
masculinities, sexualities, life course

Some publications

Wicky L., "Parcours d'hommes se déclarant victimes de violences sexuelles dans l'enfance", La Revue #1257 Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2020, n°2, p. 88- 91. Texte intégral disponible sur :

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

communications :

"Arrangements with the condition of victim. Age,
social class and masculinity among men reporting
sexual violence ",
"Gender, politics and sexuality"Conducting a
quantitative survey of victims seeking help from
associations: the Virage Victimes survey", with
Lebugle A. and Mazuy M., communication at the
conference Violence against women against gender-
based violence. Return on two French surveys
organized by the Virage (Ined) team at the 8th
International Congress of Feminist Research in
Francophonie (CIRFF), Nanterre, August 2018.

A review :

"Vulca Fidolini, The production of
heteronormativity. Sexuality and masculinities
among young Moroccans in Europe ", Review for
Lectures, November 2018.

Animations and valorization of research :

Co-organizer of the study day of the "Gender,
Politics and Sexuality" Master of the EHESS,
Gender, Sex, Sexuality. Yesterday to today,
EHESS, June 2018.