How many immigrants are there in France?

In France, demographers classify as "immigrants" all persons of foreign nationality born outside France. They exclude persons born abroad to French parents, such as the children of expatriates. In 2007, 8.3% of the French population were immigrants (5.1 million) though only 5.8% (3.6 million) were foreigners (i.e. without French nationality), since a proportion of immigrants take French nationality after their arrival. The share of immigrants in the French population has been stable since the 1970s, with the arrival of new immigrants being offset by departures and deaths. The composition of the immigrant population is changing. The proportion of immigrants born in Spain and Italy, who came to France many years ago and are now reaching old age, is decreasing, while the share of more recent and younger North African immigrants is now quite large (31%). The proportion of immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey and Asia has increased in recent years.

Source : Populations française, étrangère et immigrée en France depuis 2006, Insee Focus No 38  (13/10/2015)
Update : 06/26/2017