What people in France know about population:
Evidence from a recent survey

Press release Published on 09 December 2019

Authors: Virginie De Luca Barrusse, Cécile Lefèvre and Jacques Véron

What do people in France know and think about population? Using data from a survey conducted in 2018 on a representative sample of the general population, Virginie De Luca Barrusse, Cécile Lefèvre, and Jacques Véron take stock of the state of awareness and opinions in France about current population issues and their changes over the last 70 years.

The POP-AWARE survey on awareness and perception of population issues confirms the French population’s interest in demographic topics, as already revealed in earlier INED surveys. The answers to the knowledge questions show that despite feeling ill-informed, respondents generally have an accurate understanding of the demographic situation in France and the world. Far from considering demographic topics obscure or technical, a large share of the population takes an active interest in these issues and feels directly concerned.

Released on: 11/12/2019