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Le va-et-vient identitaire

Collection : Cahiers

140, 1997, 144 pages


n° ISBN 978-2-7332-0140-4

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Chapitre I. – Organisation sociale et encadrement de l'individu
Chapitre II. – Les politiques de peuplement
Chapitre III. – Définitions des unités et de la population urbaines
Chapitre IV. – Population urbaine et réseau urbain
Chapitre V. – Du laisser-faire aux naissances planifiées
Chapitre VI. – La politique de l'enfant unique
Chapitre VII. – Les voies du contrôle : 1) La nuptialité féminine
Chapitre VIII. – Les voies du contrôle : 2) La prévention des naissances
Chapitre IX. – La fécondité chinoise
Chapitre X. – Limitation et masculinité des naissances


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The wave of Portuguese migrants to European countries and in particular to France began in the 1960s. Boosted by the arrival of dependent relatives, the Portuguese community in France, has gradually grown until today it numbers nearly one million, with members spread throughout France though with a strong concentration in the Paris region and in the main cities. A characteristic of the Portuguese community in France is the practice of making regular return visits to the village of origin. Those who go back to Portugal in the holidays invest in their home village – having a house built is the symbol of success – and try to participate in local life despite their long absence for the rest of the year.

The collective capital of migration experience built up over almost three decades has served to maintain the equilibrium of the local society and ease the integration of the Portuguese communities in their host countries.

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