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Du groupe à l’individu. Synthèse multiniveau

Collection : Manuels and Textes fondamentaux

2004, 242 pages


n° ISBN 978-2-7332-2017-7

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Introduction générale

Première partie
D’une opposition macro-micro à une analyse multiniveau

Chapitre I. – Une analyse du moment des groupes sociaux
Chapitre II. – L’introduction de l’ancienneté dans le groupe
Chapitre III. – Une analyse des données individuelles
Chapitre IV. – Vers une analyse contextuelle et multiniveau

Seconde partie
Une analyse en multiples niveaux

Chapitre V. – Définition des niveaux
Chapitre VI. – Analyse linéaire de caractéristiques continues
Chapitre VII. – Analyse de caractéristiques discrètes
Chapitre VIII. – Analyse biographique multiniveau

Conclusion générale

Annexe 1. – Glossaire des termes épistémologiques
Annexe 2. – Principaux logiciels utilisables pour une analyse multiniveau


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Index terminologique

This textbook presents a historical panorama of the evolution of demographic thought from its 17th century origins up to the present day, and uses it to demonstrate how the multileval approach can resolve some of the contradictions that have become apparent and achieve a synthesis of the different approaches employed.

Part one guides the reader from period analysis to multilevel analysis, examining longitudinal approach and event history analysis on the way.

Part two is a detailed account of multilevel analysis, its methods, and the relevant mathematical models notably as regards the type of variables being used. Numerous examples, examined accross successive sections, make the book clear and easy to follow.

The theoritical and epistemological treatment of these problems, during which the foundations of sociology and demography are revisited, plus the logical development that leads to the most recent approaches, are handled sufficiently rigorously to satisfy social science specialists while reamining accessible for readers new to the field. The whole forms a comprehensive account of progress in sociological and demographic savoir-faire, as well as being both a textbook and an assessment of multilevel analysis which tackles one of the major problems of empirical sociology: that of integrating analysis at the individual and groups levels.

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