DEMOSUD - Demography of the Global South [UR15]

This research unit focuses on demographic dynamics in Southern populations, what drives those dynamics and the issues they raise. A primary research concern is the particular situation of Africa, where the population is rising unprecedentedly, fertility remains extremely high and progress in public health is slower and less sure than on the other continents. DEMOSUD research projects target particular contexts and population categories to apprehend internal dynamics, emerging behaviours and impediments to change. They draw on major databases, including EDS and population censuses, for international comparisons and detailed analysis of current trends. The issues of data production and quality constitute an important component of unit activities, which explains DEMOSUD’s strong involvement in long-term projects for following demographic developments on several local sites in Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso, and its policy of forming partnerships with national statistics and research institutes in Africa.

Tribute to Veronique Hertrich

Assistant : Nicoleta-Adriana Banta 33(0) 1 56 06 21 57