Magali Mazuy

Researcher 33(0) 1 56 06 22 51
Secretariat : Sorya Le Forestier +33(0)1 56 06 20 09

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Mr. Mazuy presents us with the Virage survey

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Some publications

Breton D., Barbieri M., Albis (d’) H., Mazuy M., 2017,"Recent Demographic Developments in France: Marked Differences between Départements" Population-E,557-624

Köppen K., Mazuy M., Toulemon L. 2017. Childlessness in France in Michaela Kreyenfeld Dirk Konietzka editors, Childlessness in Europe : contexts, causes and consequences, Cham, Springer, p. 77-95,

Hamel C., Debauche A., Brown E., Lebugle A., Lejbowicz T., Mazuy M., Charruault A., Cromer S., Dupuis ., 2016. Rape and sexual assaults in France:first VIRAGE results, Population & Societies (538), 4 p.

Mazuy M., Toulemon L., Baril E., 2014, «A Steady Number of Induced Abortions, but Fewer Women Concerned », Population-F, 69(3), 323-356.

Debest C., Mazuy M., 2014, "Childlessness: a life choice that goes against the norm", Population and SocietiesF, 508, 4 p.

Debest C., Mazuy M., et l’équipe de l’enquête FECOND, 2014, « Rester sans enfant. Un choix de vie à contre-courant », Population et Sociétés, 508, 4 p.

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

Teacher, University of Lyon 2

Researcher for the Max Weber Research Center

Scientific Comity Organizer for the International Conference : New Reproductive Techniques, gender and parenting (november 2011)

Researcher for the National Survey : "Famille et logements" ("Family and Housing") survey, carried out in 2011