The stages of the life cycle, Ageing

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  • Memo French youth policy: critical analysis and recommendations

    French youth policy: critical analysis and recommendations

    How effective are current French policies in helping young adults overcome the problems they encounter in the areas of housing, education and employment? Stéphane Carcillo (OECD, Sciences Po), Claire Guichet (CESE, Paris II, CERSA), Bruno Palier (CNRS and Sciences Po) and Olivier Thévenon (OECD and INED) shared their answers to this question at a round table discussion at INED on May 27, the closing event of the Demographic Economy unit research day on transitions to adulthood. The following is a summary of their remarks.

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  • Graph and card

    Age-specific mortality rates

    This graph presents the age- and sex-specific probabilities of dying during the year in metropolitan France, i.e. the mortality rates for males and females at each age.

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  • Memo

    The age of puberty in boys

    Boys reach puberty at around 15 years—later than girls, who usually begin menstruating around age 13.

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  • Games Imagining tomorrow’s population

    Imagining tomorrow’s population

    You can use the population simulator to see the future population trends of the whole world or of individual countries as forecast by the United Nations projections. You can also make your own simulations by adjusting fertility, life expectancy and the sex ratio at birth. Play with l’institut national d’études démographiques.

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