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  • Memo Intended and realized fertility: France and Italy compared

    Intended and realized fertility: France and Italy compared

    Within Europe, France and Italy stand virtually opposed in terms of fertility: women in France have 2 children on average, as against 1.4 in Italy. The difference is explained in part by the fact that women in Italy have their first child at a later age

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  • Graph and card

    World Population in graphs

    The world population atlas gives the latest United Nations population statistics for 230 countries and regions of the world. You can use its different windows to learn all about world population, to travel from one country to another, to see how the situation changes over time, to rank countries or to compare them with each other.

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  • Memo

    Fertility and field of study by gender

    While women’s participation in higher education has caught up with and surpassed that of men, large gender differences persist in the choice of field of study. To date, we know little about the mechanisms that explain the link between fertility and study disciplines for both men and women.

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  • Games World population

    World population

    Why is the world population increasing so fast ? And what will happen in the future?

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