Milan Bouchet-Valat

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Secretariat : Imène Abdou 33(0) 1 56 06 20 12

Research field(s)

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Social Stratification and Inequalities:
- Homogamy and social structure
- Social mobility

Sociology of Couple:
- Couple formation
- Partner choice
- Hypergamy and gender inequalities within couples

Environmental Impact of Research:
- Representations and practices of research personnel regarding climate change

Quantitative Methods in Sociology:
- Log-linear and log-multiplicative models
- Geometric data analysis (CA/MCA and association models)
- Event-history analysis
- Text mining

Some publications

Bouchet-Valat Milan, 2022, “General Marginal-free Association Indices for Contingency Tables: From the Altham Index to the Intrinsic Association Coefficient”, Sociological Methods & Research.

Bouchet-Valat Milan, Grobon Sébastien, 2021, “Parents’ attitudes to their children’s partner choice: a century of change“, Population & Societies, p. 1-4.

Bouchet-Valat Milan, Grobon Sébastien, 2019, “Once Homogamous, Always Homogamous? Educational Level and Career Similarity of Couples in France Who Meet at School”, Population, 74(1/2), p. 131‑154.

Bouchet-Valat Milan, 2018, “Educational and socioeconomic homogamy, development level and metropolisation across 149 European regions”, European Journal of Social Sciences/Revue européenne des sciences sociales, 56(1), p. 53-84.

Bouchet-Valat Milan, 2017, “Does women’s employment growth increase wage inequalities between couples? The case of France between 1982 and 2014”, Economics and Statistics, 493, pp. 67-86.

Bouchet-Valat Milan, Peugny Camille, Vallet Louis-André, 2016, “Inequality of Educational Returns in France. Changes in the Effect of Education and Social Background on Occupational Careers”, in Bernardi Fabrizio, Ballarino Gabriele (eds.), Education, Occupation and Social Origin. A Comparative Analysis of the Transmission of Socio-Economic Inequalities, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.

Bouchet-Valat Milan, 2015, “Fewer Singles among Highly Educated Women. A Gender Reversal of Hypergamy across Cohorts in France”, Population, 70(4), pp. 705-730.