Housing, spatial inequalities and trajectories [UR06]

This research unit studies residential mobility; specifically, interactions between family, occupational and residential trajectories. The shared aim of unit research projects is to study how a person’s mobility interacts with family and housing situations over the life cycle by apprehending how it fits into the socioeconomic context of a given period. To do this we need to broaden the notion of residence to include the residential system as a whole, to integrate the family dimension while taking into account interpersonal and intergenerational solidarity, and to attend to surrounding networks, including their institutional dimension. A major focus of unit research is trajectories of precarious populations in marginal housing situations. To better account for the changes under way, unit members discuss and debate the key concepts required by these approaches (e.g., personal network of family and friends, homelessness, residential vulnerability), collect original data, and develop innovative analytic methods.

Assistant : Céline Guichard +33(0)1 56 06 20 67