Ya-han Chuang

Postdoc fellow ANR-INED
ya-han.chuang@ined.fr 0156062124
Secretariat : Neyssa Traoré +33 (0)1 56 06 20 89

Some publications

Tran, É., & Chuang, Y. H. (2019). Social Relays of China’s Power Projection? Overseas Chinese Collective Actions for Security in France. International Migration.

Chuang, Y. H., & Le Bail, H. (2019). How marginality leads to inclusion: insights from mobilizations of Chinese female migrants in Paris. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1-19.

Chuang, Y. H. (2014). Labor Politics and Organizing Strategies in Immigrant‐Owned SMEs: The Case of the C onfédération G énérale du T ravail and C hinese Migrant Workers in F rance. WorkingUSA, 17(3), 373-389.

Chuang, Y. H., & Trémon, A. C. (2013). Problematizing “Chinatowns”: Conflicts and Narratives Surrounding Chinese Quarters in and around Paris. In Chinatowns around the World (pp. 187-214). Brill.