Isabelle Attané

Senior Researcher
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Research field(s)

Demography of China
Asian population
Male bachelors' living conditions, sexuality and gender roles in a context of reduced availability of female partners in China DefiChine website
Women status and gender studies
Family planning programmes
Birth control policy
Ethnic minorities
Sex imbalance and female shortage
Children status
Transitional societies
Gender and sexuality
Population and development

Some publications

Attané I. (2022) “Chinese Immigration to France” Population-E, 77(2).

Attané I. (2021) “Changes in union formation patterns in a context of male marriage-squeeze: An exploratory survey in rural Shaanxi, China”, China Population and Development Studies 4, 384–404.

Attané I., Eklund L., Merli G., Bozon M., Angeloff T., Bo Y., Li S., Pairault T., Wang Su, Yang X., & Zhang Q. (2019) “Understanding Bachelorhood in Poverty-stricken and High Sex Ratio Settings: an Exploratory Study in Rural Shaanxi, China”, The China Quarterly, 240, 990-1017.

Wei Guo & Attané I. (2019) “Social Mobility of Uighur Population in Mainland China: a Comparative Perspective” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 39(4), 522-533.

Wang Sasa, Yang Xueyan & Attané I. (2018) “Social Support Networks and Quality of Life of Rural Men in a Context of Marriage Squeeze in China” American Journal of Men's Health, 12(4): 706-719.

Attané I., Eklund L. & Zhang Qunlin (2018) “Gender Attitudes among ‘Involuntary’ Bachelors and Married Men in High Sex Ratio Settings: A Study in Rural Shaanxi, China”, Asian Women, 34(3), 1-28.

Attané I. & Yang Xueyan (2018) “Between Poverty and Normative Pressure: The Quality of Life of Never Married Men in Rural Shaanxi”, China Perspectives, n°1/2: 55-64

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

PhD (1998)
Habilitation à diriger des recherches (Accreditation to supervise doctoral research) (2007)
Professor at Sciences Po Paris (seminar: "Population, Gender and Society in China")