People who identify as bisexual in France

Population and Societies

561, December 2018

Although many individuals describe themselves as bisexual, statistical surveys have given little attention to this population, which contributes to making bisexuality a secondary sexuality. Drawing on data from the 2015 VIRAGE survey, Mathieu Trachman and Tania Lejbowicz present some of the social characteristics of bisexual people in France and show how they differ from homosexuals and heterosexuals.

In France, 0.9% of women and 0.6% of men describe themselves as bisexual. The majority of them have engaged in sexual practices with people of both sexes (89% of men and 76% of women), and most report being more attracted to people of the other sex than to those of the same sex (58% of women and 47% of men). Identification as bisexual thus does not necessarily imply undifferentiated attraction to both sexes. The sexuality of individuals who identify as bisexual is most often directed mainly towards the other sex. Nearly half of bisexual women are below the age of 30, whereas bisexual men tend to be older; both bisexual women and men are highly likely to be single.

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