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Migration between Africa and Europe

2018, 453 pages

Éditeur Springer

  • Introduction
    Beauchemin, Cris
  • Migration Between Africa and Europe (MAFE): Advantages and Limitations of a Multi-site Survey Design
    Beauchemin, Cris
  • African Migration: Diversity and Changes
    Schoumaker, Bruno (et al.)
  • Migration Between Africa and Europe: Assessing the Role of Resources, Family and Networks
    González-Ferrer, Amparo (et al.)
  • Understanding Afro-European Economic Integration Between Origin and Destination Countries
    Castagnone, Eleonora (et al.)
  • Migrant Families Between Africa and Europe: Comparing Ghanaian, Congolese and Senegalese Migration Flows
    Mazzucato, Valentina (et al.)

  • Congolese Migration in Times of Political and Economic Crisis
    Schoumaker, Bruno (et al.)

  • Congolese Migrants’ Economic Trajectories in Europe and After Return
    Schoumaker, Bruno (et al.)

  • Migration and Family Life Between Congo and Europe
    Beauchemin, Cris (et al.)

  • Changing Patterns of Ghanaian Migration
    Schans, Djamila (et al.)

  • Ghanaian Migration: Economic Participation
    Black, Richard (et al.)

  • Transnational Families Between Ghana, the Netherlands and the UK
    Caarls, Kim (et al.)

  • From Senegal and Back (1975–2008): Migration Trends and Routes of Migrants in Times of Restrictions
    Beauchemin, Cris (et al.)

  • Migrants’ Economic Participation in Origin and Destination Countries: The Case of Senegal
    Castagnone, Eleonora (et al.)

  • Senegalese Families Between Here and There
    Beauchemin, Cris (et al.)

This volume examines migration between Africa and Europe, rather than just from Africa to Europe. Based on a unique socio-demographic survey carried out both in origin and destination countries (MAFE survey), it argues that return migration, circulation, and transnational practices are significant. Policy design must also take these factors into account.

Comparing in a systematic way three flows of African migrants (from Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana and Senegal), this study offers a new view on the patterns, determinants, and family and economic effects of migration. By comparing six European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK), it shows that the dynamics of migration differ greatly in new vs. old destination countries.

Based on a statistical analysis of life histories, this study provides a dynamic view of migration that will help readers better understand current trends as well as future trajectories. It will appeal to researchers, academics, practitioners, and others interested in taking a deeper look in (im)migration issues.

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