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The population of France in 2002

Population and Societies

388, March 2003

  • L'écart d'espérance de vie entre hommes et femmes continue de se réduire
  • La fécondité est stable mais les naissances en légère diminution
  • La croissance démographique française, originale en Europe


On 1st January 2003, the population of metropolitan France was estimated to be 59.6 million, plus a further 1.8 million living in the French overseas departments, bringing the total to 61.4 million [1]. The population in metropolitan France increased by nearly 290,000 people (+ 0.5%) in 2002. This was very similar to 2001, with a slight fall in the surplus of births over deaths (natural increase) due to slightly fewer births and slightly more deaths offset by a slight rise in the surplus of immigration over emigration (net migration) as estimated by Insee

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